Optimising Your Website To Convert Visitors To Customers

May 1, 2019

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Is your website leaving money on the table? Whether you have an existing website or are thinking of creating one for your business, it should have one purpose. And that is to convert visitors to leads, clients and customers. There are so many websites out there that are quite frankly – bad.


When people visit these sites, they don’t know what to do. Don’t be one of those businesses who are losing money because of a poorly designed website. Your website’s job is not just to look great – it’s to turn visitors into leads, clients and customers. All great websites do this.


Let’s quickly touch on the benefits of a convention optimised website. When properly optimised, your website will encourage visitors to engage with your business. This is crucial to get right as statistically speaking a very low percentage of visitors stay on any given website for longer than 30 seconds. This means you’ve got 30 seconds to engage with your visitors. This might be through a call to action or video – anything to keep people’s interest in how your business can help them. Don’t forget that people will not usually be searching for information on you per se, rather they will be looking for information on how to solve a problem they are having. Your website’s job is to get them engaged and offer them a solution to their problem.


For example, if someone is looking for advice on how to cook a mud cake, they will most likely be looking for mud cake recipes. If your business bake’s mud cakes then your website would be optimised for visitors to provide them the recipe or make it very easy for visitors to be able to purchase a mud cake online for pick up at your store. The purchase of the mud cake is the solution to their problem.


Another example would be someone who has just lost their job and is frantically trying to work out what to do next. If your business was career coaching then your conversion optimised website would engage the person to perhaps download a guide on how to pick yourself up after losing your job and/or have a strong call to action for them to contact you to make an appointment with you directly. In this example, your career coaching is what they need for them to get their ultimate problem solved – to get another job.


These two examples show that websites should not overcomplicated and distracting.  A Conversion optimised website will be simple and very easy to navigate around. If you don’t get this right, you will literally be leaving money on the table. So the goal is to have the visitors engaged and then be able to easily get in contact with your business, download a sample of your businesses products or services (if digital) or make a purchase in the case of an eCommerce store.


And lastly, your website’s best look is clean and clear. All great modern websites are designed this way with one goal in mind – to make them easy on the eye and simple to navigate around. Flashing colours and/or clashing colours can be distracting and off-putting so making sure your website is clean is paramount.


If you have any questions about optimising your existing website for conversions or if you’re thinking about designing a new website for your business, please shoot me an email to tim@timlumsdendigital.com and I’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

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