Using Content to Super Size Your Social Media Presence

March 28, 2018

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How many times have you seen content go viral on Facebook and Twitter and wished the same would happen to yours? As a business owner you can no doubt see the impact this could have on your business so how do you achieve this?  It’s all about increasing your social media presence.


As you know content is king and producing quality content for your social media sites is crucial. Unfortunately, this is one step that is often overlooked by many marketers and business owners. Instead of taking the time to write a quality post they quickly throw something together and then start posting about it all over the social media sites.


It is always important to keep in mind that social media is all about sharing. People share their thoughts, their feedback on products and they love to share images and anything that is fun.


If you keep the above concepts in mind then you can easily improve your social media site status and grow your influence. When it comes to social media there is a rule for content in place. This rule is 50/30/20 with 50% of your content coming from news, 30% of your content should be about you, your personality and what you do online. The last 20% should contain information about your business. You do not want to confuse these last two as they are quite different.


Your personality is what will attract followers and fans to your social media accounts. While your business will attract potential customers and by using these together you are creating a business personality that people will know, like and trust.


When it comes to your content it is in your best interests to post content that is resourceful in nature. Combine this with a friendly personality and you are well on your way to mastering social media. This is much better than being known for always posting negative content or selling your products and services directly in the feeds.


While posting about your business and what you are doing is great social media followers like to know more about you. This includes posting content about the area where you live, local news stories, sports, music and trending topics in your niche.


To really increase your authority in social media you must always remember to share content and don’t be afraid to share what your competitors are up to. Use your social media sites to have fun while building your reputation, your brand and your area of influence will automatically follow.


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